Weekly Note from Ms. Snyder 11/20

Dear NHS Community-November 20, 2019



Have you heard the quote, “I am thankful for my struggle because without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon my strength,” by Alexandra Elle. It hits a chord this time of year and every child I know has struggled with a friendship at one time or another. “Morgan isn’t my friend anymore.” or “I don’t want to go to school. Some kids are mean,” may be words you’ve heard at home. It is tempting to want to swoop in and fix every one of our children’s problems. If we do, they may not have the chance to see their own strength. We can support them through a friendship struggle by listening, letting them know it is normal to have disagreements with friends when they are young, and giving them ideas about THEY can work through it. We can start by teaching them what a good friend is. 

  1. With good friends, they can be themselves. True friends will accept each other for who they are and won’t try to change one another. They are supportive and don’t try to get each other to do things that make them uncomfortable.

  2. Good friends greet each other, take turns, and say please and thank you, etc. Show your child by modeling with your friends. If they don’t notice on their own, point it out to them.

  3. Good friends have empathy. They need to learn that others may see things differently than they do. They need to practice taking another’s perspective. Characters in stories we read often give us an opportunity to discuss this.

Your child might need your advice in finding ways to deal with a friend who is bossy, a friend who excludes them sometimes, or a friend with whom they argue. Remember, children gain confidence when they work through a problem and learn strategies to communicate with peers. If problems feel too big to work out, encourage your child to talk to a teacher, our nurse, or our counselor here at school for help.


School Cancellations/Delays

Whenever there is a need to delay the opening of school or cancel classes, Supt. of Schools for SAU 21, Dr. William Lupini, will make that call. The SAU 21 office will send out notices via school messenger to inform both staff and families of any cancellations or delays. 

Supt. weather letter


Competency Based Education and Report Cards

All students in grades K-8 will receive a written report card for the first trimester. These report cards will be mailed home via U.S. Postal Service on Friday, Nov. 22nd. Your child’s report card should arrive at your home in the mail on Saturday or Monday. The mailing will include the report card from your child’s classroom teacher (grades K-5) or the combined report card from your child’s academic teachers (grades 6-8). Please note that the kindergarten through fifth grade report cards will include the trimester supporting documents for your reference. These documents provide more detail regarding the trimester expectations for the standards for each competency.  The middle school supporting documents can be found on the report card page of our website

It will also include a report card from our UA teachers (Art, Music, PE, Technology, Spanish).

As in past years, some Unified Arts classes have not yet met frequently enough to have assessed student mastery for the first trimester.  They look forward to sharing this information in the trimester two reporting and encourage you to visit their supporting documents, also found on the report card page of our website, to learn more about your child’s learning experiences so far this year.


Concerts in December

Our Grade 5-8 Band and Grade 5-8 Chorus will perform concerts for families during the month of December. Mr. Singer is pleased to invite you to the Band Concert on December 17th at 7:00 PM. Mrs. Oliver is pleased to invite to the Choral Concert on December 10th at 7:00 PM.



Here is this week’s basketball schedule:

Basketball Schedule


Dates to remember

Nov. 20: No school--Teacher Professional Day

Nov. 21: PAL meeting at 6:00 PM 

Nov. 22: First Trimester Report Cards Sent Home

Nov. 27- 29: Thanksgiving Recess--No school

Dec. 10: Choral Concert at 7 PM (Gr. 5-8)

Dec. 11: Leadership Council 3-4 PM

Dec. 17: Band Concert at 7 PM (Gr. 5-8)