Mission, Guiding Beliefs & Vision

NHS is a community. A community of parents, students and staff, creating a nurturing environment to maximize every student's potential for learning. This section of our web site describes our Mission, Guiding Beliefs and Vision.

Our Mission

Education that empowers individuals to be caring, competent, responsible citizens who value learning as a lifelong process.

Guiding Beliefs

We believe our school must be a healthy and safe environment both physically and emotionally for all.

We believe we are educating individuals in the areas of academics, arts, civics and wellness; we will support and challenge each student to achieve his/her highest potential.

We believe there is a shared responsibility and necessary collaboration among students, parents, educators, school board and community for advancing the school's Mission, Guiding Beliefs and Vision with a commitment to continuous improvement.

Vision Statement

The quest for personal excellence through lifelong learning is fostered at North Hampton School.

Students are compelled to exemplify curiosity and deep thinking within a safe, healthy and caring community.

Each North Hampton student, with the support of staff, parents and community, is encouraged to take responsibility for discovering his/her highest lifelong learning potential within a facility that supports best learning practices.

North Hampton students are global learning ambassadors who possess the skill and knowledge to make a positive difference in the world.