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Social Emotional Learning
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Social Emotional Learning

As a community we are committed to making North Hampton School's Mission a reality.  In order to do this, we are developing a statement to define the actions taken to "empower individuals to be caring, competent, responsible citizens."

The complexity of this mission must not be understated.  It is a dynamic mission that will continue to evolve throughout the life of our school.  Each student enters this community at his/her level of development, and with diverse understanding of what it means to be a caring, competent, and responsible citizen.  To achieve our stated mission, we have reflected on what we believe to be true.

We know that each child is beginning this journey from a different starting point.  We know that each child has a unique learning style and pace.  We know that each child is influenced by his or her own individual experiences and challenges.  With this awareness, we know that simply administering an external set of social and emotional curriculum lessons at predetermined grade levels would fail to achieve our goal.

Therefore, in order to successfully make our mission a reality, it is essential that we strive to gain a thorough understanding of each individual student within each unique class.  We need to be mindful of group, as well as individual needs.  We need to plan customized activities and interventions.  We need to continuously reassess behaviors to ensure that each child makes progress toward becoming the learner defined by our mission and our tenets.  We know that in order to empower students to become caring, competent and responsible citizens, our methods must be guided by the understandings noted above. We must actively and continuously work to develop a community that models and encourages these beliefs.  

We acknowledge that students will not always make choices that are caring, competent or responsible. We view these occurrences as opportunities to teach children that they are responsible and accountable for the choices that they make.  We are committed to responding to these choices with appropriate strategies, designed by the people who know the child best, insuring that we address the individual learning needs of the child, and his or her unique situation.  Most importantly, the child must be included in the discussion if we hope to empower them to become a lifelong learner, who reflects on, manages, and is responsible for his or her own behavior.

To achieve our stated mission, we have identified five core groups of Social and Emotional Learning/Competencies (SEL). They are:  Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision-Making.  They are outlined below. 

To review the SEL Framework by grade level or unified arts area, select the link below:

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