Weekly Note from Ms. Snyder 5/1

Dear NHS Community-- May 1, 2020

Our Teacher Car Parade will be Tuesday, May 5 in staggered starts beginning at 1:00 PM. Please note the time change and route change below. It is Teacher Appreciation Week, so we are hoping that students can make signs and also some noise as we pass by! 

Student Government: Sidewalk Chalk 

Our Student Government Group is sponsoring a Sidewalk Chalk competition and the theme next week is…...Teacher Appreciation!  They thought that some children may need sidewalk chalk, so they have purchased in bulk and are willing to deliver to your home. Please see information and Google Form from Student Government:



Student Government: Legos

Our Student Government team also wanted to be sure our youngest students had legos during the school closure. They are sponsoring a drive to collect legos from families who no longer use them, sanitize them, and distribute to families who need them. Here is their timeline:

 ~ Forms go out on Friday 

~ Pickups take place Monday-Friday (5/4-5/8)

~ Legos will be disinfected overnight on the 8th

~ Distribution 5/9 & 5/10

If more Legos come in the following week, we will plan to do the same thing.

The two links for each of the forms are below.

For those looking to DONATE legos:


For those looking to receive legos:



Next year

Many parents have expressed concern that their child may not be ready for the next grade when school starts in the fall. I’d like to reassure you that we will be ready for all of our students and know that they have had a different experience during this last trimester of 2020. It is our job to be ready for students and to adjust our instruction to meet their needs right where they are when they come back to school. I will be sending a separate letter on Monday with more information about how we plan to create classes for next year. There will be an optional form for your input if you would like to complete it.


Thank You

We’d like to thank you for your support. Our teachers are working hard to provide a meaningful educational experience for your children. We couldn’t do it without YOU! And, we know you didn’t sign up to be a teacher, but here you are! We also know that there are times when schoolwork needs to take a back seat to family schedules. 


Dates to remember:

May 1: Last day for online Yearbook orders --2019-20 yearbook order info.pdf 

May 2: SAU 21 Community Forum on Zoom @ 10:00 AM (K-8 Principals will be there.)

May 5: NHS Teacher Car Parade starts at 1:00 PM

May 6: NHS Zoom Forum for Parents: “School at Home: They said it would be fun!-How to take care of yourself too!” @5:00 PM

community-forum_46157624 (3).png  (Zoom invite to follow.)


NHS Teacher Parade Route--May 5, 2020 (T)

Here is the scheduled time for each group to leave school:

1:00: PK, K, Gr. 1, Library, Span., Nurse

1:15: Gr. 2, 3, Music, Tech

1:30: Gr. 4, 5, PE, Office, Kitchen

1:45: Gr. 6-8, Art, MS Span.


Here is the route. (It is long.)


Begin at North Hampton School.

Left out of lot onto Atlantic Ave.

Left onto Mill Rd. 

Rt. onto Squier Rd. loop

Left onto Mill Rd.

Left onto Atlantic

Rt. onto Woodland

Right onto Shiprock loop

Rt. onto Woodland

Right onto Rockrimmon loop

Left onto Woodland

Left onto Atlantic

Left onto Pine Rd.

Rt. on Mill Rd.

Rt. on Cedar Rd.

Rt./Left jog across Rt. 1 to South Rd.

Follow South Rd to Post Rd.

Rt. on Sylvan

Left on Meadowfox

Rt. onto Post Rd again

Rt. onto Stevens to Hillside Rd.

Rt. onto Post Rd again

Left onto Exeter Rd.

Rt.  onto Goss Rd loop

Left onto Exeter Rd.

Left on Post Rd. (pass Bandstand)

Left on Walnut Ave.

Rt. on Lovering Rd.

Rt. on 151 (might be Post Rd)

Left on Hobbs Rd. (back before Bandstand)

Left onto Rt. 1

Rt. onto Seabreeze--do the loop and back out to Rt. 1

Left on Rt. 1

Left on Glendale 

Left onto Kimberly

Left onto Alden

Left onto Atlantic

End back at school

We think this is a 20+ mile loop. We are not sure how long it will take.



Stay in your own yard and practice social distancing (at least 6 feet apart)

Decorate your driveway with sidewalk chalk or make signs if you wish

Wave to us as we pass by

Have fun!!!!



Approach the cars

Get together with other families to watch the teachers go by

Go to the store just to get supplies for making signs or decorations

Park on a busy street