Weekly Note from Ms. Snyder 5/29

Dear NHS Community--May 29,2020

It’s hard to believe that the month of May is almost over and June begins on Monday! As we wind down and prepare to wrap up remote instruction on June 4th, NHS teachers and staff have been busy. Teachers have planned end of year activities and have scheduled times for students to meet the teachers in the grade they will enter in the 2020-2021 school year. Our kindergartners had a ‘step up’ zoom meeting today with the first grade teachers. Look for the zoom invitations in other grades for June 1, 2, or 3 so your child can be sure to attend and meet the new teachers. 

Please see information from our librarian, Betsy McCombs, about library book returns and our online Book Fair:

This information relates to library book return.

Link to the library website with book return info



 This information relates to the Book Fair

This is a  link to the Library Website Book Fair page - there are two slide shows to click through to learn more




Other Items you may have at home to return:

LLI books to return--these could have been borrowed from Mrs. Wiernicki or Mrs. Rogers

Fundations materials (grade 2)

Books from your classroom 

Drop off/Pick up Items

We plan to follow NHHS and SAU 21 guidelines. (You can read them below at the bottom of the message.)

Each grade has been given a day and time between June 5-10 in which to return items and pick up items. This will be done in a similar format to what we did in March. All families should stay in their cars. We have made the schedule by grade level, but families with children in multiple grades can choose the latest date. This is necessary because teachers are also coming to school in small groups and staying apart from one another. They will follow all guidelines in gathering student items AND we recommend that you let the bag sit for at least 24 hours before unpacking it. 



Friday, June 5









Monday, June 8






Tuesday, June 9






Wed. June 10










1) Please have your child(ren)’s name, grade, and teacher on a piece of paper taped to the window by the trunk so we can see it easily.  This will help us to determine who needs materials to be picked up from the school.  

2) Items to be dropped off should be in 3 different bags" 

Bag 1: Computer and charger, labeled outside of the bag with student name, grade, teacher

Bag 2: Classroom materials, labeled outside the bag with student name, grade, teacher

Bag 3: Labeled "Library Books" 


We are striving for as little contact as possible. We will check in computers that were borrowed and return items from classrooms. All staff will wear masks and face coverings. They will be staying 6 feet apart as well. All students and families must stay in their cars. There will be no building access. We appreciate your understanding and support as we follow these important guidelines.


Last Day Drive Through Parade

Starting at 12:00 noon on June 4th, teachers and staff will be outdoors spaced around our parking area to say goodbye for the summer. 

Families are invited to drive through the lot to wave and say goodbye for the summer. 

Students and families must stay in their car at all times. 

There will be no mingling, high 5’s, elbow bumps, or contact with teachers and staff. 

There will be plenty of waves, smiles, hand hearts, and love. 

Please try to keep your car moving so we don’t have too many back ups.

This is for the safety of all involved. 


We recommend that you enter the parking lot from the east entrance and line up along Atlantic Ave. (if necessary) as if you were coming from the beach (westbound). That way, all cars can line up and enter easily and cars can easily turn right to exit when finished. All cars will enter and exit from the west side driveway. This is due to resurfacing project and exposed dirt out front.


Here are suggested times to stagger the entry. 

Last names starting with A-F: 12:00

Last names starting with G-M: 12:15

Last names starting with N-T: 12:30

Last names starting with U-Z: 12:45


Our retiring teachers will have the position of honor. Please be sure to give a special shout out to them and thank them for their years of service at North Hampton School!

Sharon Marquis, Grade 1

Brenda Eaves, Grade 3

Lorraine Johnson, Occupational Therapy

Leah LaChance, Speech and Language Assistant


8th Grade

You will see signs around town on the lawns of our graduating 8th graders. Congratulations to them! They will have a virtual graduation ceremony on June 2 at 5:00 PM via ZOOM. You will also see signs for our 8th graders if you drive by the school. Go ahead and honk even if no one is there….maybe the 8th graders will hear you! They will have their own special drive through to pick up items for graduation on June 2nd. 




Dates to remember:

June 2: 8th grade Last Lap in Cars at 12:00 noon--8th Grade Only

June 2: 8th grade graduation via Zoom at 5:00 PM

June 4: Last Day of School--Last Lap in Cars 12:00-1:00 PM--All grades welcome

June 4: North Hampton School Board meeting via Zoom at 6:30 PM


End of Year Event Health Guidelines

All events should take place outside, if possible.

No physical contact (No hugs, handshaking, fist bumps, etc.).

All participants must wear a face covering over nose and mouth (medical or cloth, non-vented face-covering).

Maintain at least 6 ft. of distance between ALL participants at all times.  

No more than 10 people in one area at a time.

Use hand sanitizer before handling an item to be given to another participant.

Ensure adequate supplies of hand sanitizer and extra masks.

Consult with facilities staff to ensure adequate sanitizing between participants.

Staff preparing materials to be sent home should wear a face covering.

Materials to be exchanged between families and school should be left to sit for at least 24 hours for paper and at least 72 hours for electronic devices.

Individuals at higher risk for more severe illness (older adults or those with underlying health conditions) are encouraged to stay home. CDC Guidance for people who need to take extra precautions.


Screening Checklist per NH Universal Guidelines

For all participants (students, families, staff) of any in-person event:

Have you been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19?

Have you had a fever or felt feverish in the last 72 hours?

Are you experiencing any respiratory symptoms including a runny nose, sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath?

Are you experiencing any new muscle aches or chills?

Have you experienced any new change in your sense of taste or smell?

If you answer yes to any of these questions please do not attend.


SAU 21 School Nurses