Weekly Note from Ms. Snyder 10/15

Dear NHS Community--Oct. 14, 2020


As you can see from reading the news, cold and flu season coupled with the current Covid-19 pandemic creates additional worry and anxiety in all of us. While no one can predict what may happen next, we do know that researchers tell us that the precautions we take make a difference in the spread of Covid-19. We remind students to remember the 3 W’s--Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Watch your distance. Nurse Mara is in contact with other school nurses and the NH Department of Health and Human Services for advice. As of October 14th, HHS reports 7 active cases of Covid-19 in North Hampton. At North Hampton School, we currently don’t have any cases and to date, have not had any confirmed positive cases of Covid-19. 

We will follow SAU 21 procedures and guidance from NH DHHS for informing parents should the need arise. We have been sanitizing regularly and will continue to do so.


If a student needs to stay out of school due to illness, exposure to Covid-19, or travel restrictions, we will provide asynchronous school work. We can provide the student’s iPad or laptop for home use. Assignments will be posted and communication would take place via Google Classroom or SeeSaw. Unified Arts teachers have posted Choice Boards on our website to provide options for students at home. Parents will be able to pick up learning materials in the office after communicating with the teacher. Classroom teachers will check in directly with students as needed and at their discretion depending on particular circumstances.

Our Technology teacher, Ms. Herlihy has created a parent resource site with information and tutorials to help use online tools and resources.

Tech Support Site for NHS

UA At Home Links


Online Security on NHS Issued Devices

Our Systems Administrator, Demetri Mattis, has worked tirelessly to provide the best experience possible for our students on school-issued devices. If you have an NHS device at home now, please follow these guidelines:


1. We ask that you use the device as is. They are configured to work as a school device only. 

2. Please do not not use them for your personal use unless you have no other device in your home. 

3. Passwords cannot be changed unless given the authorization to do so.


This year, we have purchased a remote web filtering program called ‘Securely.’ This will be implemented on all NHS student devices. It tracks internet usage, and blocks mature content. 

Note: Youtube will be open with strict access.


As Securely provides web filtering based on the student's Google account, Safari will be blocked on Macbooks to encourage students to log into Google Chrome. There are billions of websites on the internet and some necessary sites could be blocked. Mr. Mattis will unblock them at the request of the teacher only.


Even if you do not currently have an NHS device at home, your child may need to take one home in the future, so please remember these guidelines. 

Apple Crunch Day

Did you know it is ‘New Hampshire Farm to School Month?’ At North Hampton School, our creative Food Service Director, Paula Field sure did! She plans to celebrate with the “New Hampshire Great Apple Crunch” on October 20th. Students will receive an apple from a local farm with their lunch on October 20th. We may all even ‘crunch’ at once! Look for the flyer in the Friday folder this week!



On October 30, we invite students to wear the colors orange and black. We will not have a parade, class parties, or be allowing costumes that day. It is my understanding that the town of North Hampton has designated Trick or Treating hours on October 30 from 4-7 PM. Please be safe if you choose to participate.


Dates to remember:

Oct. 13, 14, 15, 16: Parent Conferences scheduled by appointment and via Zoom/Google Meet

Oct. 20: Apple Crunch Day

Nov. 3: Election Day--No school for students--PD day for staff

Nov. 11: No school--Veteran’s Day

Nov. 25, 26, 27: No school--Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 4: No school--SAU 21 PD day for teachers

Dec. 4: End of first trimester