Weekly Note from Ms. Snyder 1/10/21

Dear NHS Community,

It has certainly been quite a week in our country. As a parent, I am sure many of you have limited young children’s access to news videos that contain violent images. No matter what your political beliefs, I think we all agree that violence is not the answer and we wish to convey this to our children. At school, we would not initiate conversations about the events that took place in Washington this week. If a child brings it up, elementary teachers would reiterate that violence is never a way to solve a disagreement and that the adults in their lives are here to keep them safe. Older students may have questions about our Constitution and laws that could be discussed. Our interim superintendent, Dr. Caroline Arakelian sent a weekly note on Friday that included resources for families regarding responding to children’s concerns.


Snow Days?

In her letter, Dr. Arakelian  laid out the possibility that we could have remote learning days on what may have been  snow days in the past. This is an SAU 21 decision that we would follow if it were to happen. Rest assured that any remote day that takes place because of snow would include outdoor play time in the schedule. We typically do not send devices home with elementary students on a daily basis. If we think inclement weather could lead to a potential remote learning day, we will send home devices with students the day before. If this happens, please keep track of the charger as well. Thank you for your flexibility.


Bus 8

We have added an eighth bus for students who sign up for the Rec. Dept. program located at the Shaw’s plaza. Please contact Joe Manzi for information about the program. 


Welcome Back

We will welcome middle school students who chose to come to school for one day a week beginning this Monday. Sixth grade students will come to school in two groups: one on Monday and one on Tuesday. Seventh grade students will come to school on Wednesdays and with grade students will come to school on Fridays. If you are an elementary parent, please note the potential increase in ridership on our buses. Fifth grade classrooms have moved back from the middle school wing to their original locations in the front of the building.


Middle School Reminders

Middle School parents will need to complete the Pick Up Patrol daily health screener each day that their child attends school in person. This is extremely important. It is also important to notify Nurse Mara if your child has ANY symptoms associated with Covid-19 and keep them home if they do. Students are required to wear masks in school. School lunches will be offered free of charge for the remainder of the school year. Middle School students who come to school will be in a small group and their teachers will rotate classrooms for instructions while they remain in their classroom. UA classes will zoom into the classes and be accessible by students who are at home as usual. Teachers will tell students what to bring to school. They will need their laptops and chargers and are asked to bring them to school fully charged. You can find the slide deck we shared with students and with parents at the meeting on Jan. 5 on our website. Please scroll to the bottom to see it.



Spelling Bee

Please see information about the voluntary Spelling Bee and opportunities for preparation. The Bee is open to students in grades 4-8. It will be conducted virtually.

Spelling Bee flyer 


Dates to remember:

Jan. 11: First day of Middle School one day per week plan

Jan. 18: No school--Martin Luther King Day

Jan. 19: North Hampton Public Budget Hearing at 6 PM at Town Hall (zoom links may be available)

Jan. 21: PAL meeting at 6 PM via Google Meet

Jan. 28: Spelling Bee

Feb. 2: NHS Deliberative Session for Budget at NHS Gym at 6:30 PM

Feb. 3: Early Release Day--planned for parent conferences

Feb. 4: North Hampton School Board meeting at 6:30 PM via zoom

Feb. 22-26: February Vacation Week