Weekly Note from Ms. Snyder 12/16/21

December 16, 2021


Dear NHS Community,


Given the Superintendent’s message from yesterday, I’d like to reassure families that we have been, and continue to maintain strong communication with the North Hampton Police Dept. You see them directing traffic most days and they are planning on an increased presence and vigilance tomorrow at NHS. There are no reports of any credible information affecting school safety that we are aware of. At the same time, we respect each family’s right to make decisions about attendance for their children. 


Small Moments

Often I hear of families asking what can I do for the teachers this time of year? They really appreciated the cookie event last Friday, that’s for sure! A meaningful idea is to write a letter of appreciation. Only, I am not suggesting an ordinary letter or note that says, “Thank you. You are the best!” I am suggesting one that takes some time and reflection, some talking with your child about a special memory or time when their teacher did something funny, helped them, read a special story that really hit home, etc. At NHS, we teach our elementary students to write personal narratives in school. The instruction involves helping students develop writing skills illustrating a ‘small moment’ in time. We call them “Small Moment” stories. (Ask your child!) Rather than write about a trip to Disneyworld in chronological order–we got on a plane, we stayed at the Caribbean Beach hotel, I had fun, etc….., we ask them to choose a small moment and really elaborate on why it was meaningful. They might write about the special dinner they had in Animal Kingdom and how the view allowed them to see giraffes. We teach kids to “show, not tell” in their writing. So, this December, please consider writing to your child’s teacher about a ‘small moment’ that touched you or your child. It will mean so much to their teacher!


Dates to remember

Dec. 23: School-wide Pajama Day

Dec. 23: SASS Covid 19 screening for those who have signed up

Dec. 23: Early dismissal--12:00 noon

Dec. 24-31: Holiday vacation week

Jan. 3: Classes resume


Repeated messages from previous week:


Student Absences and School Work

When students need to be absent from school due to any illness/injury, Covid-19, or necessary quarantine, teachers will do their very best to provide work for them at home. This may take the form of assignments and resources posted in Google Classroom (Middle School grades) or worksheets, reading books, math sheets, or activities that the teacher prepares for a family member to pick up in the office. In these cases, teachers will provide a google meet check in as needed if the absences are prolonged. Our teachers are very committed to supporting students when they need to be out, so they can continue to learn if they feel well enough to engage in schoolwork.


If families elect to take vacations or travel during school time, teachers will keep classwork for them and send it home upon their return to school. We appreciate your understanding.


Covid 19 Protocols

As you know, our area is experiencing an increased number of cases of Covid 19 at this time. We are diligently working to maintain as clean an environment as possible and are taking steps to prevent the spread in school. We have increased our vigilance around social distancing, proper mask wearing, and hand washing. Nurse Mara will contact parents of students with any symptoms that are similar to Covid symptoms. If your child has a diagnosed allergy or has been PCR tested, it is helpful to provide this information to Nurse Mara. We know that many families have elected to have their children receive the Covid 19 vaccine. If you would like to voluntarily notify Nurse Mara of your child’s vaccine status, she would be happy to have that information. It is helpful, as quarantine guidelines differ for vaccinated/unvaccinated students.


Convenient MD SASS screening

The next date for SASS screening will be Dec. 23, 2021 so we will be back on our 2 week rotating schedule. If your child has not been signed up previously, but you would like to do so now, please use the form below and submit it today. Thank you.