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From a note from Mrs. Snyder:

...I hope you have been impressed with the quality of the resources that our staff has put together in a very short time. That said, we know we haven’t found the sweet spot yet. We know that there are many kinds of learning opportunities that may be available outside of what teachers send to you. We are also well aware that many of you are trying to work from home AND help your child with the school work we are sending. We do not wish to add to your stress or to that of your child, so if it is too much, please let your child’s teacher know. Our hope is that our older students will independently access Google Classroom as they do in school, and be able to communicate through google apps with their teacher and their peers. We know that younger children will need some help with activities. Teachers may send sample schedules, but feel free to adjust the times to meet your family needs and work schedule. We also know that some students are sharing devices and they cannot all use them at once. Case managers and service providers are reaching out individually to students they serve to provide guidance and support. The bottom line is: Do what you can. Have your child do what they can and ask for help if you need it."

To read in its entirety, please see the March 20th Community Note from Mrs. Snyder


Student/Family Support:

For technology support, please contact Demetri Mattis at dmattis@sau21.org.  He can assist with issues related to school-provided hardware and access to our educational platforms such as SeeSaw or Google Classroom. 
NHS Laptop Connectivity Tips
NHS Google Chrome Connectivity Tips

For questions related to your child's assignments or access to materials, please email the teacher directly.


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