Current Projects

Interior Painting  
Due Date: 8/23/2018

The North Hampton School will have a section of the school painted in this summer's schedule.  The area designated will be the Cafeteria, Kitchen, Band Room and Gym Lobby and Hallway.  This project is being performed by Caprioli Painting.  This is the 5th consecutive year of interior painting a section of the school.  

Natural Gas Conversion  
Due Date: 8/17/2018

The North Hampton School will be undergoing a major fuel conversion this upcoming summer.  Our school currently operates the heating system by oil fuel.  This project will convert our system to natural gas.  The kitchen is also undergoing conversion from propane to natural gas.  During this process to begin in June when school completes, the underground fuel storage tank will be removed.  Pipe work is expected to begin in early May.  The piping is overseen by Unitil.  Excavation and pipe work will begin at the intersection of Lafayette Rd and Atlantic Ave.  The piping is scheduled to reach the school by June and will be capped at the school building.  The natural gas conversion is being overseen by Trane.  The existing 2 oil fired boilers will be replaced with 2 condensing gas boilers with a 90 percent heating efficiency.  This project is expected to be completed by August 20, 2018.

Security Surveillance Cameras  
Due Date: 8/17/2018

The North Hampton School will be adding 28 security cameras to the interior and exterior of the school.  Currently the school houses 40 surveillance cameras.  These new cameras will add coverage to existing areas and provide surveillance to new designated areas such as the Library, Greenhouse and Stairwells.  This project is still in the bidding process therefore a contractor has not been awarded the contract.  

Library & Chorus Room Carpeting  
Due Date: 8/3/2018

North Hampton School will be replacing the 1996 broadloom carpet. The carpet will be replaced with carpet tile.  The project is still in the bidding process therefore the project has not been assigned to a contractor.

Library Carpet Chorus Carpet

Library Carpet

Chorus Carpet