Mrs. Trish Johnston

Teacher - 6th Grade ELA Social Studies

Although I have been at NHS since 2006, I actually grew up in North Hampton and attended the school from first to eighth grade! Although much has changed, the heart of NHS remains the same and I couldn’t imagine teaching anywhere else.

I am very much looking forward to another year filled with learning adventures. I took a class at UNH this summer and one of the professors shared something that really resonated with me. You can be a teacher for 20 years or you can be a teacher one year twenty times. I definitely strive to be the teacher who adapts to my students and their needs, tries new things, tosses out what doesn’t work, and who is constantly evaluating my practice and the art of teaching.

I live on Atlantic Ave with my husband Brad and my hedgehog Beast.  Both of my daughters are now in college. Olivia is a Senior at the University of Vermont where she is studying Environmental Science and Ecological Design. Isabel is a Sophomore at Ithaca College in the Physical Therapy program.  

In my free time I enjoy reading and can often be found at the town library. I love flowers and am slowly but surely turning my yard into a butterfly and bee paradise. And, of course, spending time at the beach is a given. However, as much as I enjoy all things related to summer, I also look forward to the beginning of each school year and the learning adventures my students and I will have.